• IBM
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    IBM Energy and Utilities Solutions can help you achieve operational excellence, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with solutions designed to improve agility and reliability.

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  • Freestyle
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    Imagine thousands of remote devices, talking with each other, their end-users and your team, across any medium and regardless of the devices' heritage. Now imagine your team remotely reading, directing and even updating these devices via our cloud-based M2M Switch. Seamlessly. That's Freestyle's game changer and why you need to speak to a Freestyle engineer about M2M 'our way'. Freestyle, We Connect your World.

  • Oracle
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    For more than 30 years Oracle’s industry expertise has enabled electric, gas, and water utilities of all types and sizes successfully navigate a wide range of mission-critical business challenges. Our solutions deliver an end-to-end, high value, low cost roadmap to achieving excellence across your utility’s operations and are designed to optimize performance of your information, people, and process.

    Oracle brings together a worldwide team of utility experts who understand your business, software applications that address mission critical needs, a rock-solid suite of corporate operational software, high performance servers and storage, and world-leading middleware and technology. The results: flexible, innovative solutions that increase efficiency, improve stakeholder satisfaction, and address emerging business requirements.

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  • Darktrace
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    Darktrace was founded in Cambridge, UK, in 2013 by mathematicians and machine learning specialists from the University of Cambridge, together with world-leading intelligence experts from MI5 and GCHQ, to bring transformative technology to the challenge of cyber security.

    With this unique combination of expertise in mathematics, software and intelligence, Darktrace has delivered the world’s first operational Enterprise Immune System. Our leading-edge solution gives organizations the ability to detect emerging cyber-threats, allowing them the opportunity to proactively defend against in-progress cyber-attacks.

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  • DeployPartners
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    DeployPartners is an expert in Operations Management with a decade of Energy Distribution industry experience, managing the health and performance of infrastructure that under-pins the operation of these businesses. We assist our customers to achieve situational awareness and gain operational efficiencies in management of their IT and Communications network infrastructure.

    DeployPartners have the capability to support the Utilities industry through monitoring health and performance of IoT devices in addition to traditional ICT infrastructure. We are able to increase operational efficiencies by leveraging machine learning and applying automation to ICT and Distribution infrastructure in real time allowing operations teams to reduce costs, resolve issues faster and re-focus efforts on developing their respective businesses further.

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    Past success is no guarantee of future success. Solutions of the future must be based on a broader view and a vision of better ways of working, combined with the knowledge of how to make them happen. This includes everything from developing algorithms and coding to the massive shifts necessary to lay the foundation for new solutions for businesses and for people.

    Since 1864, DNV GL has enabled organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their businesses.
    Over the last 50 years we have also gained a solid position as a trusted third party software vendor, solving technical and operational challenges related to industrial assets. We are proud of our list of achievements, including research, development, best practice recommendations, implementations and partnerships with our customers.

    Our value proposition is strong, and is the basis of further growth. Simultaneously, the way that we deliver value is changing. We are now seeing a clear paradigm shift that is brought on by advances in information technology, relying on totally new networks and new ways of working. Cloud solutions offer limitless computing power and storage capacity. The additional power made available through the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning opens up opportunities that previously were unthinkable. Domain knowledge and expertise together form the necessary foundation to realize the new possibilities.

    With our customers we are building the competence and understanding that will be the basis of new business models and digital work processes.

  • Utility Magazine
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    Utility Magazine

    Utility is Australia’s only dedicated utility magazine.

    It covers Utility engineering, construction and maintenance and is currently available for free to all utility professionals in Australia. It covers all utilities including water and sewer, gas, electricity and communications and the NBN. Utility is both a full-colour printed magazine, and an online portal for all things utility.